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Creative Conversations with Marylin

Nov 4, 2021

There are no prizes given out to the person who works the hardest. So often we hear that we need to push through when it hurts and we need to keep going at all costs. I say no! Instead we need to learn how we can work through the pain and grow through our experience. 


Why has this come up you ask? For the last 30 days, as of this recording, I have been dealing with debilitating pain. Somehow I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve and I have been laid out. Nothing that I have done so far has even begun to touch this pain, and it has caused me to really reflect on various aspects of my life and business. 


Before we get into any of those reflections though, I have to say, for all of you out there who deal with pain on a daily basis, I want to support you. Let’s connect on Instagram. For too long I’ve taken my health and pain-free existence for granted. I get it now. 


Now, what I’ve learned is that constant pain makes you see the world in a different way. It completely changes your outlook on life and how you show up each and every day. But there are ways to productively deal with pain. 


Listen in to hear all of my tips, but the best one is to take the time to sit with yourself. Evaluate the good days and the bad days. Take this time to learn more about yourself and what it is that you truly hold dear. Work through the pain and find ways to make those good moments great. 


In this episode:

[00:00] Listening in November of 2021? Grab a free 1-hr strategy session!

[02:51] Did you miss me? Here is your permission slip to put yourself first!

[03:37] Why I’ve been away for the past month.

[05:14] Pain is real and we need to stop trying to push through. 

[06:09] What does it mean to work through something versus push though?

[08:25] Have you been struggling with pain? I’d love to connect on Insta and help support you.

[09:12] We have the power to choose what we focus on.

[10:31] Ways to feel and express the emotions that the pain brings up. 

[12:38] Also explore how you feel when you have a good day. 

[15:06] Learn how to look inward, ask yourself the questions, and start journaling. 

[16:50] Let’s connect!


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