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Creative Conversations with Marylin

Sep 16, 2021

The riches truly are in the niches. Janice Garcia is a real estate agent who has found amazing success by combining her experience as a mom and early childhood education director with her real estate knowledge. She helps families find the absolute right home for them considering all factors. 


She started her real estate career much like anyone else. She joined a firm and started working under a colleague, but their niches just weren’t the same. She ended up on an IG Live with another colleague talking about the importance of factoring in school locations when buying and the response was huge. 


That’s when she knew she’d found her place. She was able to marry her passion and knowledge of the local schools with her need to help families find the right fit for their children. 


It’s clear that she’s building in the right way for her, which is what is most important when starting and running your own business. Listen in to hear her story and why she is so happy that she’s chosen to be extremely specific in her niche. 


My challenge to you, find your specific niche in your industry. Who do you really want to serve? 


In this episode:

[01:25] Welcome Janice Garcia to the show. 

[02:18]  Janice shares her background as a preschool director and how it has helped her realtor career. 

[03:51] Why did she niche down into families with children? 

[07:22] Reasons you may need support when you realize that your home no longer works for your family.

[09:43] Population growth in your area is another thing to consider. What takes minutes now may take hours later and those commute times are a factor in home buying. 

[12:18] How does school choice work in the Miami-Dade area? 

[15:15] Don’t forget about after school activities, birthday parties, play dates, etc. 

[17:25] It’s time to reflect on your business to better understand who your ideal client is. 

[20:56] What was the first success after she niched down that helped her realize she’d made the right choice? 

[24:43] It’s the ultimate compliment when peers are asking you about your work and strategies. 

[27:15] If you show up just as you are, you'll build stronger relationships. 

[29:03] How showing up pays off. 

[31:03] Facebook groups are the perfect place to figure out your niche and speak to them. 

[33:56] Why her commute is making Marylin think about buying a new house. 

[34:41] Janice’s AHA moments about what her specific niche is. 

[37:38] There are so many different ways to approach business that it can be overwhelming. 

[41:29] Connect with Janice. 

[41:50] My takeaways from this episode. 


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